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Treasure Chest of Free help - self help techniques to bring fast relief

Especially after the stresses of the past couple of years I know you may need help to cope with everyday life. You've had to deal with uncertainty, maybe concerns about your health and these may have also been difficult times for you financially. So I've packed my treasure chest with things that will help you to start your day well and be standing strong at the end of this.

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The Stress Quiz

Any of us can be fooled into thinking our stress levels are lower than they actually are. 

Take this quiz to find out where you stand on stress.

Mind Spa - stress relief in 90 minutes

Are you starting to feel stressed by the coronavirus situation,? Maybe you’re not sleeping, worrying about health, struggling with staying home all the time.  And you can’t even get a massage, have a spa day or go out with a friend.

If this sounds like you then I have a solution for you.

In just 90 minutes we can reduce your stress immediately and with lasting effect. And all without leaving your home. All sessions are done by video call. No travel and no risk.

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Free Discovery Call

An opportunity to talk with me about your problems with no obligation. 

Taking Control of Anxiety - for yourself and your child

A few months ago none of us expected to be where we are now...fighting over toilet paper, scanning the internet for death rates and fearful for our health and finances.

 No-one can be blamed for feeling anxious. This is why I want to get you some help free of charge.

Some of you will be regular home educators and some of you will be faced with no-choice home educating when the schools close or you have to take a vulnerable child out early.

As a free choice home educator I know the strains of that lifestyle. I know the joy of that lifestyle too and I want to help all of you have more of that joy and less of the stress. 

And it is possible. 

So my first gift to you is a way  of taking control of how you feel. And I know that if there is an anxious child in a family then there is a stressed parent. So this gift is for you first. Like the oxygen mask on a plane, get your own support first. Then give it to your child.

I cannot help stabilise a child if there is a continually anxious parent in the family. So make sure you go first! 

This pack includes support files and if you need any further help I'm always here to answer your queries. 


Times are difficult. Many of us are struggling. But there is help available. 

In this online Zoom class you will be able to remove some of your main worries and stressors. It may seem as if anxiety rules you but it need not. 

Using amazing techniques from NLP we can remove your problems for good. 

Priced for affordability as a Pay What You Can product. No need to miss out! Use the coupon codes below to get the help you need but pay what you are able to pay. 

Coupon code    Price

PAY27               £27
PAY19               £19
PAY9                 £9

EFT workshop - how to be bulletproof against anxiety

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and said "I  thought my life would be different to this by now."?

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