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Check out my website to find how I can help you with anxiety, fears and trauma or go here for phobias. I treat adults and specialise in working with children.

Taking Control of Anxiety - for yourself and your child

We're in stormy seas just now from the cost of living crisis. And we'll get through it more safely if we are calm and strong. 

We must all pull together. And we British are good at that. So for my part I've put together some self help that will give you and your child some control over your feelings. 

There are plenty of techniques to achieve this. And I'm making some of them available by video treatment so I can offer help free of charge. The technique in this pack - Instant Calm - is the starting point. From there we can go further and more will be made available to you but for most people this is where we need to start.

If you feel your needs are more complex, or would just feel happier with my one to one help then book in for a discovery call where we can have a chat. You'll see how to do that when you access this pack. 

Most importantly you are not alone. You've reached out for help and I've got your back in this. 

So dive in and ...May the Force be with you! 

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Instant Calm

In this pack you will find all you need to start making life better for you and your child. And that will make life better for the whole family, I know. 

These techniques have been successful for clients for around 50 years now. So you can trust the process and, after all, you've nothing to lose. 

Discovery Call

If you're looking at this then you've probably got something in mind that you'd like help with. 

The first step will be for us to have a chat, so I can find out more about how you'd like to make your life better, for yourself or your child, and you can get your own questions answered. 

I only work with people I know I can help so this is an important part of the process. I want us both to be certain it's the right step. 

Just book in for a free video call where both you and your child will be available. It's important that your child gets to meet me in case we decide to work with them directly.


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