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Mind Spa - stress relief in 90 minutes

Right from the first moment, , I’ll take you to a calm place in your mind where you feel peaceful and relaxed.

And THEN I’ll give you a trigger to take you back there whenever you want!  Automagically. This puts you always in control of your mood. Whenever it isn’t what you want it to be - hit that trigger and you’re back to being calm and feeling strong. 

That’s neat, yes? But there’s more. 


We’ve all got certain situations or people that ALWAYS cause us to feel stressed. And it seems to be out  of your control, doesn’t it? Or it seems to be the other person’s fault. Which amounts to the same thing. You can’t change anyone else. 

But you can change yourself. With my help. 

So the next process will go into the settings menu in your mind and remove those bad feelings from that situation so that next time it happens you have free choice of how to behave, what to say. Your mind will be clear. No more playing it over in your mind and wishing you’d handled it differently. 


To boost your confidence we’ll look at one of your limiting beliefs - you know those constant ideas that you’re no good, will never be any different. Once more the settings can be changed using proven techniques that have been used successfully for the last 50 years. 

Once that false belief is eradicated you’ll find many aspects of life easier. Your sense of personal power will begin to rise so that goals can be achieved more easily. Even your relationships will be improved once you can be clearer about your own value.


We’ll tie all this up with a 30 minute soothing and calming hypnotherapy session to remove general stress immediately with lasting effect, so you go home feeling like a different person.

And I’ve wrapped all this up at a very special low price to make it easier to get these results for yourself.

Remember, you are a key worker in your family. They are relying on you. It’s important for you to sharpen your axe. This is one way of doing that. 

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Mind Spa - stress relief in 90 minutes

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