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Is your life what you expected? Are you in control of your mood so that you can make the most of any situation?

Or do you have good days and bad days? Even a few good hours and a load of bad ones? 

You may not have realised there is a solution. When we've suffered from something long term it can seem as if there's nothing you can do. 

So just dip in here and see what differences can be made even with these DIY tools. Every clever trick in this box can create immediate and long lasting improvements. 

Once you realise the power of this approach, of re-setting the mind, then if you still need help just get in touch. 

I'm waiting to help you and at the moment I have some Pay What You Want services. Call me and let's see what's needed.

But first open up this box of tricks and dive in. 

Click on OPEN THE CHEST to get in.

9 Modules

Instant Calm

Almost like magic, you'll be able to access a calm and strong state of mind. 

The Blue Bowl

When your head is full of worries and negative thoughts - and you just can't get any of them to go away, this is the ideal solution. 

Everyone has worries and things to deal with but if you can't get enough head space then it becomes overwhelming. And when overwhelm hits it can be downhill from then on. 

This neat little practice lets you take control of what's in your mind so you can get relief and clarity. 

It's so short you might as well give it a try. What do you have to lose?

Managing Your Mind and Mood

Some help to stop those voices in your head.

It's so easy, when you know how, that you'll wonder why no-one has told you how to do this before now!

Let It Rain

A useful way of releasing unpleasant feelings rapidly and without suppression. 

Intructions for morning writing

To help you start your day with a clear mind. This practice gets rid of those log jams that can occur, especially from unhelpful thoughts.

Who's Driving Your Car?

This will help you get a head start on the day. Take control of how the day goes, without allowing anxiety or fear to build up.

Game On

A new look at how much power you actually have.

The Pathway Builder

When you have experienced anxiety or fear or panic for many years it becomes a habit. The fear has dug some deep pathways in your brain. Your mind does not know what else to follow.

The Pathway Builder shows you how to give yourself some new, positive neural pathways. So that you can actually have a choice of what to think about, what to grab hold of.

Modules for this product 9

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